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You Need A Website & Here’s Why

The things you’ve been told are true: Your business needs a website. 

As an entrepreneur beginning to establish yourself in your industry, your website is an invaluable tool in creating that credible foundation that will propel you forward. 

I can tell you from my very own experience—launching my own website was a game-changer. I got more leads. Potential clients took me more seriously. I took myself more seriously. 

Yes, writing and building my site took me a long freakin’ time. But now it’s out there, all pretty and professional, and working for me

So why do you actually need a website?

To up your credibility 

Having a website for your business immediately ups your credibility. There’s a good chance a potential client will feel more at ease choosing a service-provider who has a website over one that doesn’t, because it feels more “tangible” and safe.

And on top of that, you have the opportunity to showcase previous work, sprinkle in testimonials, and show off any awards you may have. All of which put potential clients at ease.

Basically having even the most minimal website immediately gives you a leg up against the competition. 

To do the work for you

When the SEO and website copy on your site are on point and doing their thing, your website will do a really large extent of the heavy lifting when it comes to selling your services. 

First off, people will actually be able to find you in a sea of similar businesses. Meaning, if you’ve incorporated SEO best practices, you’ll have a better chance of ranking higher up on search engines. And then once your people find you, your copy will do the work of guiding them along to your inquiry form to begin the process of working with you. 

So you’ll open up an avenue that’ll bring in inquiries without even having to lift a finger. 

Provide other opportunities for engagement

When someone visits your website, a few things can happen: they can either opt-in to work with you, they can engage with your content, or they can leave.

Obviously, we’d love for them to inquire! (And obviously we don’t want them to leave.) But not all website visitors are ready to buy. Which is totally okay! Your website can offer multiple ways for someone to continue a relationship with you: by signing up for your newsletter, downloading a freebie, reading a blog, etc. 

With all of this extra value, your audience is able to get to know you more and will be more likely to reach out when they are ready to move forward.

To present you as an authority in your field

With a website and the carefully-crafted copy that comes with it, you have the opportunity to speak directly to your potential clients in a way that communicates that you understand exactly what they’re going through. 

By speaking to their frustrations and highlighting how you’re able to do exactly what they need, you’re able to strengthen their trust that you are, in fact, exactly who they’ve been looking for. 

That authority you emit equals the confidence they feel in choosing you. 

“OK, I know I need a website, but I’m not ready to get started yet—what should I do?”

I know that there are a lot of things you’ve been told you need to do when you start a business. Having been there and done that, and no matter how important each of those things are—it’s really overwhelming and sometimes there are just too many things on your plate. 

Instead, I recommend you begin slowly building your website while you’re growing. Creating a website you love isn’t something that will happen overnight—it’s such a labor of love!

So to make this as un-overwhelming as possible, let’s chat about some directions you can go in if launching a full-blown website isn’t realistic for right now. 

Because while I want to inspire you to begin thinking about creating a website for your business, I don’t want you to feel as if you can’t begin doing what you want to do until all your ducks are in a row. 

Spoiler: they’ll probably never be in a row. 

Create a single-page website

Single-page websites are a great interim option! You won’t need to invest as much time or money into creating them and they also give you a level of credibility your business needs. 

Create a portfolio

With a service-based business, having a portfolio of work on-hand is really helpful with booking clients. And having one that’s both organized and aesthetically pleasing makes a big difference. Especially without a website. 

There are so many platforms and formats that you can use, but I’ve seen businesses create great portfolios with Canva or Notion. 

My ultimate hope is that you’ll begin creating your website sooner rather than later. The payoff is beyond worth it!

Plus, I’ve got you covered with all the resources to get you started:

Can’t figure out which website template to go with? Here’s what I did. 

Getting stuck on your home page? Not anymore. 

Need to learn how to write great headlines? I’ve got you. 

Not sure what to cover on each page? Read this. 

Trying to write copy that sounds like you? Easy peasy. 

Feeling super overwhelmed and want someone else to do it for you? I’m here for you!

Hey, I’m Kristie, and I write website and email copy for the best businesses. And I’ll also help you feel grounded and less chaotic. 

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