Feeling grounded in your business is where the magic happens.

pssst—Wanna know a secret?


(And by "magic", I mean a thriving business where you also feel like you're not losing your mind.)

est. 2022

Westchester, NY

Get out of your own head and finally 
reclaim your peace.

Running a business is really freakin' hard. The mental chatter is non-stop, the self-doubt chimes in more than you’d like, and the to-do list might actually be never-ending. 

Lucky for you,  a copywriter can help quiet down all the chit-chat so your message is loud and clear, leaving you feeling more centered —and less chronically all over the place. 

(While, of course, increasing visibility and sales, showing off your expertise, and creating those organic connections in a way that feels like throwing open the windows and letting in all that fresh air.) 

Nice to meet you!
I'm Kristie

Doesn't matter who it is, could be the coach sneaking in client calls during her little ones' nap, the photographer looking to expand her offerings to outside her community, and even those little kids selling lemonade down my street (how is it they always have the best lemonade?!)—I'm a fierce supporter of all business owners trying to live their dream and protect their peace while they're doing it. 

And I'm obsessed with supporting business owners who are busy supporting themselves —

So, it only made sense that when I was looking for more flexibility than my job in Occupational Therapy could give me as a new mom, writing for hard-working & relentless entrepreneurs felt like it was meant to be—plus, it felt good to finally put my Advertising degree to work!

Where am I when I’m not feverishly typing away for the coolest businesses? 

  • Chasing after my truck-loving, always-a-snack-in-hand toddler with my husband in our NY home. Which is clutch because I gotta get my cardio in somehow, right?

  • Traveling probably. Or just intensely pouring through Airbnb listings searching for the perfect one that’ll be the home base for the trip I planned ten minutes ago. (I just need to have something booked at all times — is that too much to ask!?)

  • Stressing out over all the things I could learn or do. Do I want to go finish that hat I started knitting last week? Or should I get that sourdough starter going again? Should we get chickens? Can I just do it all?!

  • Did I mention that toddler? Yeah, I'm probably still chasing after him. 

003 //

Peter pan
by J.m. Barrie


The Island of missing trees
by elif Shafak


My inner sky
by Mari Andrew


And what writer isn't also an obsessive reader?

How I'm grounding myself these days:

→ After dinner walks to take in some much-needed fresh air and soak up all the small joyful moments that happened that day.

→ Grabbing the corner table in Starbucks with my iced matcha latte and my computer for my weekly self check-in to organize my business and life goals. 

Putting down the damn phone. Is yours also glued to your hand??

Just a few books I’ll never stop thinking about:

"I'm so grateful to have kick-ass sales copy that actually helps me convert sales and bring in clients."


Does the idea of writing your own
website copy make your head fuzzy?