Copywriting for Business Owners Who Want to Connect

REFRESHING COPY THAT resonates with YOUR people

Clear, consistent, personality-packed messaging that will have your audience unable to do anything else but hang on to every single word.

Your fresh start begins with fresh new copy.

You know that buzzy spring cleaning feeling you get when you ruthlessly toss out all the non-essentials?

The 13 different-but-similar selfies, the meditation app you swore you would commit to, the half empty face mask in your bathroom that was way too minty for you — the things that are taking up as much mental space as they are physical space. 

And suddenly? You feel like you can actually breathe. Because you have the space to expand into who you are. It’s the same thing with your website copy. 
When your copy honestly reflects you and your values, and zeros in on your messaging without any of the gimmicky marketing tactics everyone tells you you need, not only will the most aligned clients be hitting “contact me” without a second thought, but you’ll also feel more present and clear as a business owner.

...Which makes running all the other parts of your business easier. 




When you hire me as your website copywriter,
it’s just you and me.

When I'm working on your website copy project, yours will be the only website I’m working on at that time. I take a deep dive into your world - and your world only - immersing myself in your unique brand and voice.

That way, I can create vibrant and strategic copy that has you written all over it.

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Website Copywriting

starting at $2,500

what's included:

  • An in-depth questionnaire to help us get to the heart of your business
  • A live kickoff call
  • Up to 5 pages of SEO-optimized copy delivered in a wireframe 
  • 2 rounds of edits to make sure you’re smitten
Your website is your digital storefront. It’s where you invite in potential clients and make them feel understood. And its biggest job? To inspire them to work with you. 

This is for you whether you need action-driving, yet warm, copy for your fresh new website or you need a whole copy refresh because you and your business have evolved since your site’s last iteration. We’ll tell your story in a way that has your ideal clients feeling compelled to take action when they visit because you’re everything they’ve been looking for and more. 

website copywriting

email marketing

copy auditing

5-6 weeks

Add Ons:

  • Long-form blog writing
  • Sales page copy
  • Email marketing strategy

Email Marketing

starting at $1000

website copywriting

email marketing

copy auditing

  • 5 engaging and brand-voice-infused welcome sequence emails
  • Customized lead magnet and email marketing strategy
  • Email opt-in copy for your site
  • 3 months of newsletter content and ideas
After your audience has visited your site, decided they love you, and subscribed for more, it’s time to keep growing that relationship! A solid email marketing plan is key to giving subscribers even more value and keeping you at the top of their mind. 

And if you're thinking "But, Kristie, I don't have time to send out a newsletter!" I offer a customized email marketing game-plan that outlines what your newsletter content can look like in a way that makes sending out your newsletter no big thing. Because it's really not!

what's included:

2-3 weeks

Copy Auditing

starting at $350

what's included:

  • A copy audit for a full website, sales page, or email sequence
  • A recorded video of me walking through my suggestions
  • A document reviewing all recommended (and easy-to-implement!) changes
  • Support for 2 weeks after 
You’ve poured the time and energy (and blood, sweat and tears, probs) into writing your website copy and now you want someone  to make sure it’s conversion-friendly. A copy audit ensures your website copy is ticking all the right boxes so it can convert those leads into loyal clients.

I’ll do a thorough read-through of your copy to make sure your messaging is clear, engaging, and SEO-optimized. All you have to do is make the recommended changes, hit “go live”, and flow through the rest of your day. 

website copywriting

email marketing

copy auditing

1 week

You'll review your copy and I'll make revisions as needed, finalizing the copy you've been dreaming about. 


I begin typing away for the next few weeks while you carry on with your life, not worrying about a thing
(not your website, anyway). 


After you fill out a detailed questionnaire, we'll have our kickoff call to discuss everything about your project and goals.


We get to know each other on a discovery call and if it’s a go, you’ll send over the signed contract and first deposit. 


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Copywriting for
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Strategic copy
for the...






creatives & designers

And anyone creating their own kind of
magic in a meaningful way. 

course creators

"She helped me figure out how to reach clients who would be a great fit for my practice."


Claim that fresh start you've been craving. 

(And PLEASE stop hitting backspace on that draft already, WILL YA? )