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How To Write Website Copy That Sounds Like You

Everyone’s always talking about how you have to write website copy that sounds like you. It has to sound casual and conversational and not too serious. How it has to do all these things but also still sound professional. 

And while all of that sounds chill, you might be thinking “But what does that even mean?!”

So many of us are used to writing in a very formal, grammatically-correct, and rule-following way. That’s probably thanks to the hundreds of papers we’ve written in our English classes over the years. 

But when it comes to writing for your business, whether it’s through emails, your website, or your social accounts, it doesn’t have to be like that. 

And what a relief that is!

But when you strip away all of those rules, you might also feel like you have absolutely no clue how to write now. 

Spoiler: you do! And it’s easier than you think!

First, let’s talk about WHY it matters that your copy sounds like you

Because it allows your audience to connect with you.

There’s this unspoken belief going around the small business world that, when it comes to your business, you have to be practically dripping in professionalism. That if you’re more formal and all buttoned-up, people will trust you more. 

Now I’m not saying not to be professional! What I am saying is that you can speak to your potential clients in a more casual way, while still remaining professional. When you write in a way that sounds like how you would actually speak to them, they’re more likely to trust you. Because you sound like a regular person just like them and not a robotic individual that they can’t relate to. 

Because it makes you stand out

Anytime someone is searching for a service and lands on your website, I can guarantee that you’re not the only website they’re looking at. 

And it’s also likely that every other business they’re looking at can offer a service of a similar value to yours. But what is always going to be different is you and the experience that you provide. 

You’re such an important part of your business and that shouldn’t be ignored. And when you incorporate your unique voice into your website copy, you create a memorable experience that allows you to stand out over everyone else out there!

Because it’s fun?

Ok, but seriously. If you were going to read an About Me page that talked about the business owner in third person, listing out every single achievement just short of their high school diploma OR someone’s page who makes it sound like a conversation where you feel seen the entire time, which one are you going to enjoy and remember?

Now that we know why writing personality-packed copy is still professional, let’s chat about HOW to write website copy that sounds like you. 


When you sit down to write your website copy (or any copy!), think about your own language and how you actually speak in real life. 

  • Do you speak fast and combine words? 
  • Examples: “wanna” instead of “want to,” “Can’t” instead of “Cannot”
  • Which filler words do you use?
  • Examples: “Like,” “ummm,” and “uhhh,”
  • Which phrases are you pretty much always saying?
  • Examples: “Here me out,” “I kid you not,” “Seriously,” “Actually,” or “You know.”
  • Do you start your sentences with words you were taught you’re not supposed to? Words like “But,” and “Because?”

Spend a day paying attention to the words you use in your conversations and keep track of them. Literally use your notes app to keep track of what you notice. If you’re struggling to write casually, you can refer back to it and sprinkle in some of these terms to add some more human-ness to your copy.


The tone you write your copy in really informs the overall mood of your website. Now every brand is going to be different. Whenever you’re doing any brand development, that’s the time that you’ll be uncovering the tone that feels like a good balance between you and your business. 

You’ll want to decide if you’re more playful, informal, conversational, verbose, sarcastic, etc. The list goes on and on. 

But whichever ones you decide should feel natural and authentic to you. You wouldn’t want someone to visit your site, feeling like you’re one person, only to get on a call with you and your real life self is worlds different from who they thought they were gonna talk to. Because that’s disappointing!

Point of View

I always recommend that you speak in first person on your website, or whenever you’re talking to your people, really.

This means always speaking in terms of “I,” and “Me,” instead of using your name. 

It just sounds more relatable, because for one thing, this is how you actually speak (unless you’re out there referring to yourself by name, then do you!). And for another, it allows your readers to feel as if you’re speaking directly to them and like you’re an actual person. 

Which in this AI-obsessed world is a pretty nice thing!

And to piggyback off of this, I always recommend that you avoid using the term “we,” when referring to your business if you’re a one-woman show! Alluding to being larger than you are doesn’t come off as genuine, and it can cause a whole lot of confusion for no reason. And we never want any confusion in our copy!

See? Not so bad!

I promise you that as you begin to write more how you speak, it’ll become so much easier over time. And you’ll realize that the clients you’re attracting feel more like the dream clients that you LOVE to work with. 

Hey, I’m Kristie! And besides writing website and email copy for the best businesses, I also help business-owners like you feel grounded and less chaotic. 

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