You're about to have copy that gets you hired. 

Let's be real—we both know you have about a million tabs open both on your browser and in your brain. Like those "I need to edit my about page tonight so it flows better" thoughts while you're on the phone with your mom trying SO hard to stay present. Or that open tab to the "How to nail your brand voice" blog post that you can't close because you swear you'll read it tomorrow. 

And all of that is exhausting. You decided to start your own business so you could have more freedom in your life. Not to feel suffocated with endless thoughts and stress about how to organize all of the incredible things your business offers in a way that gets you consistent inquiries. 

(and has everyone breathing easier.)

Time to close your mental tabs 

Got your inquiry. I'll be in touch soon!

and we’ll make the best team if these feel like a clear
uhhhh, YES!”:

  • You’re a service-based business-owner, creative, or entrepreneur who wants strategic  copy that feel like talking to an old friend

  • Engaging with your clients on a person-to-person level and impacting them in a genuine way is something you’re driven by

  • You delight in working with good-hearted, thoughtful, salt-of-the-earth type people who leave you feeling more alive

  • You’re feeling weighed down and uninspired by everything you have to do and feel like it’s preventing you from getting clear on your brand’s messaging

  • You know investing in strategic and compelling copy is always worth it

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Hi, I'm Kristie —


Your first deposit is due to me at the time you submit your proposal, and then the remaining payments for your specific project will be mapped out during the onboarding phase.  And if you’re interested in setting up a payment plan, mention that in the “anything else?” section above and we can chat more about it when we connect!

Making an investment into your business can feel overwhelming, no matter how necessary it is, and I want you to feel fully comfortable and supported. 

I typically book out about 1-2 months in advance. And on top of that, the kickoff, drafting, and editing process can take up to a month or more depending on the specific project and your needs. So it’s always good to reach out earlier rather than later to be on the safe side!

This is often a big cause for hesitation for a lot of business owners contemplating hiring a copywriter. And rightly so. You're investing your time and money into this project, and you need it to be just right. 

But yes, it will! Through our discovery and kickoff call conversations, my in-depth questionnaire, and my stalking any and all social media platforms you may have, I’m paying close attention and taking in all aspects of your voice and tone.

As much as I want to give you the world, you do not want me to design your website. But if you’re looking for a designer, I’d be happy to refer you to someone who can!

"I've been blown away by how Kristie puts my thoughts onto paper."

- Alexis  |  Business Mindset Coach

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free sh*it

When we work together,you’ll finally feel confident about your copy because it:

  • perfectly mirrors who you are and what you’re all about 
  • sounds like you’re talking to that old friend you can always be yourself around
  • makes your community thrilled to work with you because they feel heard
  • does all these things while still being SEO-optimized, conversion-friendly, and everything you need for a successful business 

I see you over there, stuck in that cycle of panic-searching

If your search history happens to looks anything like this:

“Writing website copy that sells”
“How do I attract my people”
“How to engage better with my audience”
“When’s the next ACOTAR book coming out?” - oops, sorry,  that one's from my search history!

…then let’s chat more about how you can welcome in your dream clients and have them stay awhile (and quit late-night googling for good). 

But don’t worry, I’m not judging!
I'm just here to help.