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Storytelling & Copywriting: How To Sprinkle Storytelling Into Your Copy

You’ve probably heard all the people on the internet talk about storytelling and copywriting and how important it is that you blend the two. 

And while that sounds good, what does that actually mean? 

The Importance of Storytelling

The fact that storytelling goes way back to ancient times just goes to show what a powerful tool it is. 

Since the very first humans sat around the campfire, stories have been used to pass on knowledge, provide moral guidance, for simple entertainment, and more. (Loved this article about why we tell stories!)

And while each of these is important, one of the most important use of storytelling is for building community and connection.

It helps us connect over shared experiences in a way that creates stronger relationships with our people. 

So you can see how that makes for an important element in our copy!

When we infuse storytelling in, it makes our copy:

→ more memorable

→ more relatable

→ more persuasive

→ more trustworthy

These are all wonderful stepping-off points to writing copy that engages your reader and paves the way for conversion.

And the great thing about it is that there are so many elements of storytelling that you can mix and match to create the effect you’re looking for, no matter what kind of copy you’re writing! 

So let’s explore how you can blend storytelling & copywriting, and write copy that your audience cannot stop reading.

Storytelling & Copywriting: How To Add Storytelling To Your Copy

Use a storybook template as your guide

When in doubt, use the general layout of a storybook as a template. This works particularly well for sales pages and emails, though it can also have a place elsewhere.


  • The introduction where you set the scene.
  • The conflict where you introduce a problem or challenge.
  • The action where you describe attempts to solve the problem.
  • The climax where you introduce the idea that they’ve had enough. 
  • And the resolution where you expertly demonstrate how the problem was solved. 

Before and after transformations

Depicting the transformation is an important part of your copies job. And depicting it in a way that brings that transformation to life helps it do that job REALLY well. 

Which is where storytelling comes in. 

So get detailed about where your audience is right now and what they’re frustrated by, or where they could be. If you’ve been around this blog for a bit, you’ve probably heard me talk about how you need to be showing and not telling. 

Welp, here I am again!

Using storytelling to bring certain images to life will always leave a more powerful, lasting impact on your reader.

So instead of saying:

Are you feeling overwhelmed about AI?

Try saying:

“Does your head spin every time you open your laptop and see yet another app roll out with a new AI feature?

Or instead of saying:

“Imagine you FINALLY loving your body.”

Try saying:

“Imagine walking into a dressing room and not being overcome with all that negative self-talk you’ve come to know so well.”

Use metaphors and analogies

I once re-wrote a website for an interior designer and in her original FAQ section, she had compared the importance of hiring a designer at the start of a project to making lasagna:

“Think about it like making lasagna: the best part about it is that the delicious ingredients are all layered. If you only add sauce at the end, the lasagna will fall flat. Same thing with Interior Design. If the designer comes to the table at the end, the overall design will be surface-level and not fully integrated.”

I ended up keeping the copy because it does a great job showing WHY hiring an interior designer right from the start is important. 

Sure, you could explain that when you don’t hire a designer until the end of a project the final product doesn’t come together as well. 

But who’s gonna remember that?

(Also, did ya like how this story highlighted the importance of storytelling? 😏)

Toss in some dialogue

Well placed dialogue will leave your audience thinking “Hey, I literally just had that same thought today!” Which conveys that you TRULY get what your audience is thinking and feeling. And that goes a long way in building trust (and connection!).

it also makes a more general (maybe boring) statement a bit more dynamic (*cough* showing and not telling *cough* *cough*) and helps establish brand voice.

Use it in your website copy:

Use it in a CTA:

“Ummm, YES, I need this!”

Use it in an email subject line:

“But do I really need to brand myself to be a freelancer?”

Use testimonials to tell stories

When you think about it, the real experiences your past clients have had working with you are actually stories.

So why not use them!

A well-placed transformational story or case study on a past client brings your audience into the world of what you do and shows them just how your expertise can make a difference.

Plus that mix of social proof and storytelling is a powerful one!

So keep that in mind when thinking about the questions you ask in your testimonial form. Use your questions to carefully draw out that story from your client—because there’s always a story!

Now go tell some stories!

Next time you’re sitting down to freshen up your copy, draft a brand new sales page, or write up your weekly newsletter, think about how you can spice things up with a dash of storytelling! With just the right amount, it can work wonders.

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