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When *Not* To Hire A Website Copywriter

As a website copywriter, it’s practically my job to tell you that hiring a website copywriter can help your business connect with your target audience on a much deeper level. To tell you that we can write copy that’s going to strategically sell your offerings while creating more authentic relationships. Or that we can take all of the messy thoughts you have, and get them down into clear and cohesive copy that converts.

But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I wasn’t also telling you that there are some times when it’s just not the right time to hire a copywriter.

Let’s talk them out!

When Not To Hire A Website Copywriter

You’re JUST starting out

When you’re just getting your feet wet and putting yourself out there, you’re very much still in the learning phase—although, when are we not in the learning phase?! 

But when you’re in this place, truly be in this place. 

Take the time to learn who you are as a business owner. To educate yourself and build the skills you need. To get a handle on creating a cohesive client experience. 

And then with time, you’ll become more confident in what you offer and who you offer it to. It’s just like magic, I swear! And when that happens, then it’s a much better time to invest in a website copywriter to help you write words that match who you’ve become!

You’re unsure who your dream client is

Before any good copy can be written, you need to know who you’re selling to. 

Your website should never just be all about your business. It should be about our dream client and why you’re absolutely perfect for them!

And to convey the fact that you’re perfect for them, you’ve gotta know who they are. 

Sure, knowing their standard demographics is important—where they live, how old they are, what their income is, yada yada—but knowing them on an even deeper level is more important. Because then you can speak to their deepest needs and wants.

You haven’t nailed down what sets you apart

Without knowing what sets you apart from other similar businesses out there, you can’t write effective copy. The whole WHY will be missing, and that’s the heart of your copy.

This is something that comes with time, though. After you’ve been in business a little bit, you begin to feel more confident in your offerings and why they’re really freakin amazing. 

But when you’re brand new and just starting out, it can be tricky to confidently nail down why you’re different.  

It’s just not in the budget

If it’s not in the budget, don’t invest in website copy.

Carefully crafted copy that truly converts doesn’t come cheap. And chances are, you’re already shelling out lots of money to get this thing off the ground. While you’re still learning who you are, investing in all the things—expensive branding, copy, design, etc.—doesn’t quite make the most sense yet.

As a website copywriter, of course I’d love to write your copy. However, I’d never want you to have to go into debt over it or feel extra stressed about making it work. Because growing a business causes enough stress and we’re all about staying grounded around here

So focus on what you can DIY for now, and then save for strategic website copy when it’s more realistic!

(Now one other thing I need to add is that, sometimes, it is okay if you’re not crystal clear on who your target audience is or why your business should be someone’s first choice. When we’re so close to our own business, it’s hard to see the whole picture. 

But a copywriter can help you dig deeper and get even clearer on all of that! It just helps when you have at least a general sense of all that information!)

And for good measure, here’s when you should hire a website copywriter:

  • When you notice people are visiting your site, but aren’t taking the next step
  • When you’re launching new services or offerings
  • When you’re doing an entire re-brand
  • When you’ve gotten clearer on who you are and who your audience is
  • When you feel like your brand voice isn’t cohesive
  • When your site feels outdated

Hiring a professional website copywriter can help you to significantly enhance your online presence, elevate your user’s experience, and bring about better conversion. All while creating stronger, human-focused relationships with your audience. 

But knowing when to make that move is just as important as the actual copy!

Hey, I’m Kristie! And besides writing website and email copy for the best businesses, I also help business-owners like you feel grounded and less chaotic. 

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