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How Hiring A Copywriter Helps Your Business

Creating and offering a value-packed service that benefits people in meaningful ways is your thing. You thrive at it.

I mean, it’s why you started on this whole entrepreneurial journey in the first place.

And so offering that service (or services!) is one thing. You’ve got that part nailed down, no problem.

But writing about it and presenting it to your audience in a way that says “Hi, yes, I have just what you need, I’m qualified to do this, and I’m so excited to work with you, and you’ll love working with me, too!”?

Now you’re not feeling quite as confident. 

Maybe talking about what makes you the best photographer for your clients makes you feel awkward and cocky. Or maybe you’re scared of coming off as too sales-y when you write about why your clients would love your Pinterest Strategy course. Maybe you’ve dreaded writing ever since you had that awful English teacher who picked apart your “Ethan Frome” essay sophomore year. (I could literally write an entire blog post on how a good English teacher can honestly change your life. But that’s for another day.)

Or maybe you straight up don’t have the time to pour in the attention and energy this project deserves because you’re busy doing what you love

Each of these reasons is perfectly valid. And if you find yourself nodding to any of them? It may be a good time to consider hiring a copywriter. 

A good copywriter will get to know you, your business, and all the moving parts and details that make what you have to offer so valuable and unique. And with that, they’ll expertly craft irresistible copy that clearly and strategically highlights that to your audience.

Now this isn’t to say you can’t write your own copy. I have all the confidence that you can! There are countless tools and resources out there to help you.

And side note, by out there, I mean right here on this blog:

  • Read this to write better headlines!
  • Read this to optimize your blog posts!
  • Read this to write copy that sounds like you!
  • Read this to learn about the goals of every page on your site!

But while I’m always up for a good DIY project, hiring a copywriter can help get you to a totally different level. (That level meaning more connection, more inquiries, and more sales.)

Why Hiring A Copywriter Is Right For Your Business

They’ll help nail your brand voice

Copywriters are well-versed in getting to know your brand as a whole. They take a whole lot of time to dive under the hood of your business to get a better understanding of your unique messaging and voice. Basically all the ways that you’re different from businesses out there.

So not only are they writing can’t-stop-reading copy that keeps your readers on your site longer. They’re learning every single detail about your brand in order to do so: who’s your ideal, picture-perfect client? What are you really offering them? How do you engage with them in a memorable way? And on and on until they get to the core. 

They then take all of that information and carefully craft it into copy that’s consistent and effectively speaks to people. And sounds like something you might have said yourself.

Plus, when someone who’s more removed from your brand (ie. someone who hasn’t spent goodness knows how many late nights fine-tuning her proposal copy) spends time diving into it, they’re likely gonna notice angles that you may have been too close to ever see.

It opens up time in your day

I’m sure as you’ve grown your business, you discovered the never-ending list of things that go on behind the scenes. Setting up your CRM (I honestly never expected this to be so time-consuming!), handling the financials, perfecting your website, marketing your business in the right places – all those extra things that aren’t the things you love.

And quickly, things got complicated and maybe a little overwhelming (or a lot overwhelming, it’s okay). Because handling the main scope of your business as well as all of the backend tasks while trying to stay up-to-date on the latest Colleen Hoover book will quickly have you chewing your nails right down to the quick (RIP gel manicure). 

It’s so easy to lose your spark with all of the extra mini-tasks yelling for your attention.

When you outsource your copy to a copywriter, you can focus on your business (or family/life/favorite book/scrolling through cottagecore videos on TikTok) instead of editing your homepage copy for the 23rd time. 

Basically, they’ll do all the staring at blank Google Docs and backspacing so that you don’t have to. (I won’t lie – even we’re not immune to blank page syndrome)

They know how to talk to your ideal client

While your copywriter is writing copy that has your brand’s messaging coming through loud and clear, they’re also making sure it’s speaking directly to your ideal client. Which is one of the most important — if not the most important — jobs your copy has. 

It has to speak to the right people in a way that makes them want to keep reading, engaging, and buying. They need to see themselves in your writing.

So not only do you need to be clear and consistent with your brand voice, you also need to make sure you’re speaking your client’s language. 

And when your copy achieves this – when it shows your ideal client that you get what they’re going through and you know where they want to be, while talking how they actually talk (and not in that intimidating overly professional way that never makes anyone feel excited to work with you) – it’s really, really hard for it to come off as over-the-top and like you’re selling them something. 

They make sure the right people can find you

Another area many copywriters are knowledgeable in is SEO (search-engine optimization). If you don’t already know, these are strategies you can use within your copy to make sure your site is ranking nice and high up on Google. This basically means that when someone searches for keywords relevant to your business — such as “social media manager for small business” — they can find you! 

Now, client-focused and clear copy should always come first when thinking about your word choices when writing your website copy. But a good copywriter will be able to achieve that while incorporating SEO strategies seamlessly. Which helps to help get your site directly in front of your target audience. Your people are already out there looking for you, so prioritize making yourself easy to find when they’re doing their searching. 

I won’t go into all the logistics behind SEO, because that’s a rabbit hole you could spend a long time in. But when you hire a copywriter who considers SEO when writing your copy, it’ll save you the endless hours it would take to figure all of it out and get more eyes on your site. 

Because hiring a copywriter also means you have one more person rooting for you!

Hire the right copywriter and you’re probably gonna get the added bonus of having someone who gets your business who’s always cheering you on.

Someone who congratulates you on a super-successful launch, gives advice on the layout of your site if you’re designing it yourself, and connects you to people in their network they think would be a good fit.

Because we want to see you and your business growing and thriving just as much as you do!

Otherwise, we would have found a different job 😉

Hey there, I’m Kristie! I write website and email copy for service-based businesses and creatives who want to build meaningful relationships with their clients *and* not drown in the overwhelm of being a business-owner.

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