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How To Use AI For Your Business

With AI popping up and making an appearance everywhere we look, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There’s the fear that it’s going to eliminate certain jobs. The hesitancy about jumping head first into yet another tool and modality. The concern that it’s going to remove the human element from our work. The stress of learning how to use it. 

And on and on.

Each of these feelings are valid. And each of them are exactly how I’ve felt when contemplating it. 

When Chat GPT came around, I honestly ignored it. I thought “I’ve been chugging along just fine without robots helping me out, I don’t need them now.”

But then I started dabbling in the free AI option on Notion, asking for help with word choice when I didn’t feel like heading over to another tab to open the Thesaurus. (I know. Lazy.) And then again within Canva a couple times.

Eventually, I’d see my friends pull out their phones to ask Chat GPT a question, and I’ll admit, I became curious. People are just using it on the daily like that?

So, I dabbled. 

And after playing around with it without absolutely any kind of pressure or expectation, I found that it’s actually not so scary or intimidating or anti-human. It’s a huge time-saver and creativity sparker, in ways I wasn’t actually expecting.

So in case you’ve been on the fence about trying out AI, or you’re curious about how else you can use it to support your business, I wanna share with you some of the many ways you can use AI for your business and life. 

Hopefully it’ll even create a little bit of space in your day. Which to me, is the greatest benefit of all. 

But first….

How to use AI while staying true to your brand and your audience

For me, my number one concern since AI came onto the scene was that it would lead to inauthentic and lacking-in-value content. Basically, content for the sake of content. 

And unfortunately, it does lead to a lot of that. 

But the thing is, you can always tell when the copy or content you’re reading was created mostly with AI or if there was in fact a living, feeling human sitting behind the screen, thoughtfully bringing the work to life. It’s very, very hard to fake real.

And so because of that, I’ve taken AI for what it is: a resource. A resource to use intentionally to provide the extra bit of support I might need at a given time. 

And with that, I’ve come to use it to fill the cracks. To give me that spark I’m needing on a slow, feet-dragging day. To offer a perspective that I hadn’t thought of. To remind me of the things I likely already know (or maybe don’t!), but can’t remember because I’m too weighed down by 32 other thoughts. 

It’s helpful to think about how you’ll engage with AI. What are your boundaries? How will you use it for your own work? Which strategies work for you and which don’t?

For me, it’s really important that I approach it with intention, making sure that any work I create that’s inspired by AI is still, at its core, created by me. I want AI to amplify my own skills — never replace them.

And now, here’s how to use AI within your business

  • Ask for a month’s worth of social media prompts → “Give me a month’s worth of Instagram post prompts for my [industry] business.”

  • Get inspo for blog topics based on your industry → “Can you give me several educational blog post ideas for a [industry] businesses website?” You can also replace “educational” with how-to, informative, inspirational, creative, etc! Different adjectives will give you different options, hopefully getting you closer to the kind of content you’re looking for. 

  • Use it as a Thesaurus → “Give me similar words for empowered, but make it spiritual.”

  • To roughly outline the key points you need to cover in a blog post → “Can you give me an outline for a blog post titled [insert title of blog post].” 

  • To educate you quickly on a topic or industry that you need a better understanding of → “Can you give me more information about what I should be looking for in a website template?”

  • To give you a series of questions you may need to ask a potential service-provider → “Can you give me a list of questions I should ask a potential CPA for by small service-based business to see if we’re a good fit?”

  • To identify possible valuable lead magnets → “Can you give me some lead magnet ideas for my [industry] business that would be valuable for [industry/descriptors of target audience]”

  • To double check where that period should go within the parenthesis. Or any other grammar questions you’re too embarrassed to ask someone IRL. 

  • To offer alternate headline ideas → “Can you give me alternate headline options for this headline: [insert headline].”

  • Give you an email template to work from → “Can you give me a sample email introducing myself to an industry-adjacent business to create a connection?” (and then make sure you only use it for inspo!)

  • For assistance fleshing out a strategy → “Give me client acquisition strategy ideas for a small, service-based business that does not utilize social media.”

  • To suggest keyword ideas as a starting point → “Can you give me suggestions for long-tail keywords for a [industry] business.” (And then go do your research!)

Sometimes, the response I get isn’t exactly what I’m looking for, so I’ll ask either a more specific question or give additional parameters:

  • “Can you give me more options that are centered around the web design field?”
  • “Can you make these more detailed?”
  • “Can you include less industry jargon?”

The key is that it’s all in how you ask and the context you provide.

A fun little aside — AI can track your personality and behavior over time so that the responses can be better tailored to you and your unique needs. So with time, you may find that you have to ask less follow-up questions to refine your results.

Learning how to use AI is a game-changer

There are literally endless ways you can use AI for your business. These are the ones I find myself coming back to more often. 

Some days, I just need some inspiration to get the wheels turning and get the juices flowing. 

And AI does a really good job at helping with that.

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