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Should You Start a Newsletter?

The short answer: Yes. 

Honestly, I could end this blog post there, but I’m sure you’re expecting me to explain just why you should start a newsletter, and I can’t leave you hanging!

But tell me. At any point in your business, have you thought “I should start a newsletter”?

And if you did, did you have these follow-up thoughts?

  • “I’m already on insta though, that’s good enough.”
  • “I don’t have time to do my job as it is, and now I’m gonna add a newsletter to the mix?”
  • “That’s a headache for another day.”

I’ve had all of these thoughts, too. Starting a newsletter, even when you know it’s the right move for your business, can incur that daunting, dragging-your-feet kinda feeling that only makes you feel guilty for not doing the thing.

So I want to spend some time talking about why email marketing can work wonders for your business. (Even if you’re already strapped for time.)

Why You Should Start A Newsletter

Your list is your own

This is probably one of the biggest reasons I personally think investing time into growing your subscriber list is always worthwhile. The people on your list are yours. Email isn’t going anywhere and you’ll be able to get a message out to your audience whenever you need to. 

The same can’t always be said with social media. With always-in-flux social media trends, potential shadow bans and algorithm mysteries on IG, and the possibility of your account being hacked, you don’t have a lot of control over your social media following. 

I’ve seen well-loved accounts get hacked and the following that they’d spent years building was just gone. Which, ooof, heart-breaking!

But that’s one less thing you need to worry about with your newsletter list.

You stay on the forefront of their mind

When you send out a consistent, weekly newsletter, your audience can’t help but think about you. 

When an opportunity arises where either they or someone they know needs the service you offer, it’s likely you’ll be one of the first service-providers to pop into their head.

(As long as you’ve been keeping up with your newsletter and doing the work to build a relationship with them, that is!)

It’s easy to see what’s working

For the numbers-obsessed peeps, the cool part about sending emails is all of the information you can gather. From your open and click through rate, to seeing when people unsubscribe and when your subscribers reply, your emails can tell you a lot. 

It gives you tangible numbers that give you a look into what’s working and what’s not. And that information can help you strengthen so many other aspects of your business. You can build an even stronger email marketing strategy, write up blog posts you know your audience will be clicking to open asap, and create programs that are meeting a very specific need that you’ve discovered. Endless opportunities.

You build a stronger relationship with your audience

When it comes to sending a newsletter, you have the opportunity to get more personal than you might normally. Though you should be using your website as a way to connect in this way too, you just have more space within your newsletter to share more raw thoughts and stories.

Being more vulnerable and open with your audience makes them feel like they know you on a different level, and when that happens, they’re much more likely to trust you with their money and their time. 

Plus, by being more honest and open with your audience, you’re also attracting your ideal clients. Because the people who don’t connect and unsubscribe? They weren’t your people anyway.

You get to show off your expertise

And since there’s no shortness of space in your newsletter (whether that be literal space or because you’re sending it out every single week), you’re able to expand on topics you know and love. It’s an opportunity to let your expertise shine so your audience realizes “Huh, I never thought about that. She really knows what she’s talking about.”

Though this is a delicate balance. While you wanna showcase your expertise, you only wanna show just enough, cause you can’t give it all away for free! 

You can also just have fun

Let your hair down a little! Slip off your shoes! 

It’s your newsletter and you can do whatever the hell you want! If you want something that’s gonna be short and sweet, giving your readers something to laugh at in the middle of their day, do it! If you wanna divulge something you’ve never told someone, send it out! Or if you just wanna share all the favorite things you’ve been enjoying, get to it. 

Your newsletter is something you’re gonna spend a good amount of time writing. Why shouldn’t it be something that you’re gonna have the most fun writing?

So if you’ve been thinking you should start a newsletter, hopefully this gives you that gentle nudge of the motivation you need!

And if you feel like you need help creating a strategy, let’s chat!

Hey, I’m Kristie! And besides writing website and email copy for the best businesses, I also help business-owners like you feel grounded and less chaotic. 

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