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A Typical Day as a Freelance Copywriter

I don’t know about you, but I love hearing about other people’s habits and routines. What do they need to do right when they wake up, what books can they not put down, are they squeezing in a pilates class or nap in between their calls? I’m just a little bit curious (ok, nosy) and I love seeing what little habits I can steal to help make my days either more productive or more chill. 

And another thing I love doing? Helping other people make their days more productive or more chill. 

So, if you’re an entrepreneur whose curious how other entrepreneurs are doing it, I thought I’d share a little behind-the-scenes look into what my day looks like as a copywriter (and a mother, since that role comes first and pretty much dictates eeeeverything.)

(Also note that this is based on one of those ideal days when my husband isn’t working and can stay home with our toddler while I get to run my business, or when we have a babysitter. But the days where I don’t have childcare? We do what we can do and it’s usually chaos 🙃.)


I hit snooze for a solid 30-40 minutes before I finally decide to roll out of bed at 7am, making sure to press any button on my phone fast enough so it doesn’t wake up my husband (spoiler: it does). 

I’ve been trying to wake up earlier to squeeze in some work/alone time before my little guy wakes up, but somehow, I just can’t get myself to do it. And I’m fine with that. I know so many other people out there really love those 5am wake-ups, and while I wish that was me, my 6:30am-self loves sleep too much, and I’m not gonna fight her on it.


After I do a quick toothbrushing-face-washing-hair-up routine, I text some friends, read a few pages out of whatever fiction book I’m reading, and make a quick breakfast — which is usually a hard boiled egg. Or last night’s leftover Chinese food. I’ll eat anything for breakfast ‘cause I’m lazy. 

And then I’m out the door to my favorite local cafe’, with laptop, headphones, and planner in tow. The most important of these items is definitely the planner. I don’t know about you, but my phone calendar just doesn’t cut it. If it’s not written down, it’s not happening, sorry

8:00am – 1:00pm

This is when I sit my butt down, turn my phone on silent, and get to work. I’ve found that this is the time and place where I work best. I just never get the same motivation any other time of day or when I’m at home. 

Before I fully jump in, I make sure all my emails are answered, any admin tasks are completed, and that that text I’ve been meaning to reply to is answered — all for both my business and my personal life. Then I make a to-do list of everything I’d ideally like to accomplish that day. Not sure about you, but my mind feels SO much clearer when I get all of those little tasks out of the way and sort out the never-ending to-do list that is my mind.

And then I get to writing or editing or client calls! With my iced matcha latte supporting me through it, obvs.

I personally prioritize client work first, because I feel as if I can’t focus on my own business-related writing (blogs, email marketing, etc.) until I’ve made headway on the more pressing — and important! — projects.

Except, sometimes, I’ll squeeze in some of my own blog writing when I feel like my brain needs a break from whatever project I’m working on. So even if I work on that blog for ten minutes, I come back to the other project feeling a more fresh. 


By this point, I’ve hit that afternoon slump and I need a break from the cafe’ and whatever project I’m working on. So I’ll usually pack it up and either head home or swing by the rock climbing gym for a quick half-hour climbing sesh.

I recently started bouldering, and after not having time for hobbies as a busy mom and business owner, building in this time where I’m allowed to have fun and learn something new with literally no pressure has been the best. Do I suck at it? Yes. Do I care? Not at all.


I’m home and my toddler is probably just waking up for his nap. So we’ll all hang out, have some lunch, and get some time outside if it’s nice out! 

Now sometimes, if I have a lottt to do, I’ll sneak outside and get some more work done. But I’ll be honest that, even with my husband home and watching him, it’s nearly impossible to work while he’s up. I try, but most of the time I end up more stressed and overwhelmed and then no one’s having fun. So on those days, I’ll sometimes pack it up and head to the library.

Fast forward to 7:30pm

After dinner, bath, storytime, and bedtime, if I wasn’t able to get all of my work done, I’ll open up the laptop with my cozy pj’s donned, vanilla candle burning, and dessert not far away, and I’ll work for an extra hour or so. 


Ideally, my computer is shut at this point, and I’m cozied up on the couch with the husband either binging our latest show or reading some more, trying not to keep my eyes open just a little bit longer!

And not shown? All the dishwashing, laundry, grocery store trips, cleaning, and other chores that have to get done. All those are squeezed in throughout the day between both me and my husband, based on who’s free and can squeeze it in. We definitely don’t have a system and sometimes one of us is running out for milk at nine at night, but it works. 

I’ll be honest though — this definitely isn’t every day. With my husband’s inconsistent work hours, my having busier weeks than others based on what projects I have, my working random per diem hours at the hospital, and the occasional doctor appointments and whatnot, my weekdays can be pretty inconsistent. 

But having a general routine of how I like to structure my days when I can? It creates that little bit of consistency so that helps me feel like my head is above water! 

Hey, I’m Kristie! And besides writing website and email copy for the best businesses, I also help business-owners like you feel grounded and less chaotic. 

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